Maybe it's time to get a drone

Yes I’m talking about the drones from DJI.

When it comes to cameras or lenses (a drone is no more than an aerial camera to me), I don’t buy them based on reviews. I buy them because of the output quality.

I’ve been subscribing a YouTube channel named Shinji kawamura for a while and everytime he has a new drone video it’ll literally stun me. Everytime. Check out the video below if you don’t believe me.

[click for the entire playlist](

So broad. The video was taken by DJI’s Phantom 4 and it’s 60FPS & 4K! Absolutely amazing quality and the turnarounds are smooth. I can easily tell that the drone is super stable without flying it myself.

Imagine the scene when I use a drone in the foliage season (I live in New England)… It’ll probably look like this:

Groton and a Sea of Fog or this:

Algonquin Highlands, Canada

Looks really exciting.

Sad news is that starting from this year, FAA requires that every single drone device be registered before it can be legally flying outdoors. This is likely going to take some time so I guess I should get one no later than August.

I missed last fall, so I really want to be fully prepared this year!