Here I come - Getty!

Well…Sort of.

A couple of weeks ago I applied here to become an individual contributor for Getty Images. Today, when I almost forgot that - an unexpected notification arrived:

Congratulations! The editing team here have been through your submissions and think you might be very promising as a future iStocker! We would like to offer you an invitation to share your talents and apply to become an iStock by Getty Images contributor.

“What? What? Seriously?!”

iStock is a microstock affiliate of Getty Images. For many amateurs, it’s most likely the first step to become a real Getty Images contributor.

To be honest, I didn’t really expect to get an approval, not even from iStock. After all, I just bought an ‘amateurish’ APS-C camera - my Sony a6000 - less than a year ago. And I have only uploaded less than 160 public photos on Flickr, which, by all means, are my total presentable photos.

You can probably see why I feel so encouraged now. The recognition from a prestigious stock provider does give me a lot of confidence - another professional player out there!

Besides the congratulation, the notification email also contains three embedded images of the pictures that I uploaded previously, each along with a code - seems like these three have passed the editor’s review. I have listed them below:

Cape Florida Lighthouse

A good subject might really help you win in the application process.

After submitting the photos, it takes a couple of weeks to get approved and show on the website.

The watermarked photo would look like this:

watermarked lizard

watermarked lizard


Update*: It seems that iStock is full of both photographers and ‘wanna-be’ photographers now. After doing some research, I realized that I was just over excited. Though the market has no sign of gloom and doom, the chance to get yourself some notice on iStock is little. Downloads, which means profit from royalties, will very likely be negligible too.