Dia:Beacon in Beacon, NY

Dia:Beacon is an interesting modern and contemporary art museum located in Beacon, New York. We visited the musuem in July 2019, a pleasant detour of our independence-day road trip from Boston to Pennsylvania.

The exhibition space is inside an old multi-level factory. I didn’t find the sculptures and art work particularly intriguing per se, but I did feel a sense of uniqueness, probably because they’re adequately set up and placed with the perfect amount of light shedded into the room. Below are some photos I took.


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2018 Road Trip in Central Japan

12/29/2017 - 1/13/2018

Tokyo - Karuizawa - Kusatsu - Kanazawa - Shirakawa - Kyoto - Osaka

I won’t pretend that this was a just a casual trip. In fact, I never thought I would have a chance to go on a road trip in Japan before 30. I didn’t know Japanese. I barely do now. It’s really a dream come true.


I was excited after arriving from a 12-hour long flight, Japan Airlines’ JL7 (BOS - NRT) on Dec 29, two days [...Click title to read entire post]

Our Vermont trip in 2017 Fall

Be it Airbnb or a vacation house where we would stay, we had high expectations for Vermont in early October. It didn’t disappoint us.

But before all that dreamy foliage thing…We visited the Teddy Bear factory in Burlington VT to put ourselves in retrospect for a little while.


After the Teddy tour, we enjoyed the sunset at Waterfront in Burlington downtown. A very peaceful and relaxing place.

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