Work from Hawaii in O'ahu - Ala Moana

I’d been longing for an island living experience, but it’s really out of reach when one has to go to office everyday. Thanks to COVID-19 (can’t believe I said that), WFH, aka Work from Hawaii, really became a thing. Earlier this year, when Hawaii lifted their testing requirements for out-of-staters, we took a 6-week staycation in O’ahu, the most developed island in Hawaii.

To enjoy the vacation as a first-time tourist, we spent the first few days in Waikiki, and stayed at Sheraton Waikiki. The diamond head view (plus waikiki beach) from the hotel balcony was simply one of its [...Click title to read entire post]

U.S. Virgin Islands

Our 2021 T-giving break was in the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), a group of Caribbean islands and islets that are U.S. territory. It’s known for white-sand beaches, reefs and verdant hills, thus a popular vacation destination for the east coasters.

We spent a total of 8 days (3 in St. Thomas and 5 in St. John) in the USVI, and had a really good time thanks to the great beaches, hiking trails and water activities.

Unfortunately, my SD card failed during this trip and nearly all of my photos were lost and un-recoverable, so I only have very limited photos [...Click title to read entire post]

Takefue - a luxury ryokan in Kyushu, Japan

The happiest part of a vacation often happens way before one ever steps foot in the destination, and this is especially true with planning travel to Japan. The accommodation options are so diverse and high standard that one can’t go wrong with almost any of them, but of course, we still want to stay at the best possible one for the price we can afford. Choosing where to stay in your Japan trip becomes a challenging and delightful activity.

The hotel cherry-picking game is even harder when it comes to onsen towns in Japan. During our trip to Kyushu in [...Click title to read entire post]