How I designed the logo for my own studio

I’m far from a master of Adobe Illustrator (or Sketch), let alone a logo designer. But if I just copy or buy a logo from somewhere else for the studio I own (even virtually), that’ll be totally lame.

For designing a logo, it’s common to find interesting patterns from outside resources, such as photos, which could be a great source of inspiration. The other day I ran into this photo by Laura Tidwell, a Flickr friend of mine:

Low Fidelity Photo

Despite faving it immediately because of the smooth gradient color and stunning reflection, I also found that the far-side little brother might be a good symbol for the logo because he seemed so relaxed yet dynamic. After doing some image tracing in Illustrator, I did, eventually, get a quite impressive output.

Low Fidelity Photo 16 Color Photo 6 Color Photo 3 Color Photo

From a low fidelity photo to 16 color, 6 color and 3 color image in just a few clicks, it already looks so smooth! Finally it should come with a b&w version, of course, since I just want this to be a two-color result.

bw Photo bw1 Photo

After reducing the threshold value which determines how much of the image results in white and how much results in black when tracing as black and white, I came up with the image above (right). Then I used the Eraser tool to remove the unnecessary reflection and the Pen tool to make the vector even smoother, followed by drawing a circle to hold the shape - done! Now I just need to fill in some neutral colors as well as add some text, which I did:

final logo

If you like, you can further animate your logo like I did in After Effects, which really works well with Illustrator.

final logo

This way, I’ve created a completely original logo for myself!