My Airbnb Experience In A Maine Forest

I tend to avoid Airbnb when I go on a vacation since its risk is always higher than chain hotels, but after my recent airbnb trip I just realized how much fun I had missed because of this.

Two weeks ago we (me and my friends) spent a fantastic weekend in Newry, Maine where we rented an Airbnb house and drove all the way from Boston for 3 hours - just to taste a bit of nature.

This place, although in Maine, was actually quite close to the White Mountains area in New Hampshire. Acadia was naturally our initial plan, as most of us had never visited this famous national park, but it was too touristy (and far and expensive) for a group of 10 who spend most of the time together playing board games. Yes, we drive more than 200 miles to find a place for playing board games!


The house was recently renovated so it looked incredibly new. Unfortunately, it had irritating chemical smell upon our arrival. We opened all windows and doors for a while, then the odor was gone and we did find this place quite cozy and interesting.

outside our house

After our house tour, the living room immediately became our favourite spot. Great view and light, large space and fireplace, lovely furniture, we could really see ourselves sitting here playing all day - and we did!

the living room
dining and kitchen
storage and decoration

We played Splendor, Risk, and Mahjong (麻将) and it was all fun and games until someone finally got hungry. In fact, cooking could be the biggest problem here - you had to drive a dozen miles to buy materials. Luckily we brought whatever we need for a two-day trip - all we ever needed was just drinks and noodles!

cooking soybean sauce
noodles with soybean sauce

We cooked the delicious 炸酱面 (noodles with soybean sauce) and it was a treasure.

We did go hiking around in the day and it was also much fun. Overall this airbnb experience was extremely wonderful and we unanimously agree that we would do a similar trip to Vermont in the foliage season this year.